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About the Knights who say "Ni!"

The Knights who say Ni is a multi-gaming group, currently playing World of Warcraft on the server Icecrown.

We've also played Asheron's Call on Solclaim and Verdantine, Star Wars Galaxies on the Kauri galaxy, Anarchy Online on RK2, and City of Heroes on Freedom. We have members in many different online games, so you'll typically find a silly person wherever you go!

The guild is open to mature, tolerant, and silly gamers who have a sense of humor and sense of honor. (Maturity is based on personality, but you must be at least 13 years old to register on these boards due to US laws.) There is the occasional bout of unexplained, strange phenomenon called roleplaying, but many members resist the temptation. If you haven't watched The Movie recently, go rent it!

Post on our forums if you would like more information.
And bring us a shrubbery!

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